We will help you
tap into Russia’s online market

We are focused on bringing products and services to the Russian digital market and helping to reach business goals with digital expertise.

Our expertise

Digital world speaks
its own, unique language
Digital lives by its own
rules and pace
Digital is always expecting
something you haven’t considered yet
We combine our expertise with careful listening skills and ability to understand your business goals. Our offer is efficient and pragmatic solutions for launching and supporting your business in the Russian digital industry.
Introducing the product to the Russian market
Outsource development in Russia
Reaching commercial goals and objectives in digital
Business audit
Business adaptation to digital environment
Website and marketing benchmarking
Marketing strategy development
Art direction and service design
Both as a team as well as independent specialists we are proud to be able to contribute to various exciting projects together with most amazing local and global brands and companies
Dukley Gardens is a residential complex based in a club village by the Adriatic sea coast.
Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace
Alta Genetics is a global private agriculture company specialised in genetics and reproduction
Alta Genetics www.altagenetics.ru
Rambler www.rambler.ru
Groupon www.groupon.ru
Home Credit Bank www.homecredit.ru

Do you know your business well enough?
Now, we know how to embody it in digital

Dima Alexeev is a digital product expert, digital project manager and business analyst
Product and management
Daria Korableva is a digital marketing expert, monetization and promotion specialist
Anatoliy Gromov is a widely experienced art director, specialised on design for digital services and products